Cairns U-Fly Ultimate Heli Flight at Helicopter School

Cairns U-Fly Ultimate Heli Flight at Helicopter School

Put your pilot’s cap on and take advantage of this awesome opportunity. After receiving preliminary instruction in the hangar, this 30-minute training flight gives you the opportunity to take the controls yourself under the supervision of an instructor pilot from Cairns Helicopter School. BOOK NOW for the thrill of a lifetime!

Helicopter pilot instructions

Firstly, a trained instructor will explain all there is to know about a helicopter – how it works, what this does, what that does, flight controls, heli flight systems, how to hover the helicopter – you will learn all the information you need to know, to be able to take the controls and experience flying a helicopter.

Bookings made for more then one person will sit through the pre-flight instruction together, however you will be taken for your flight one at a time.

This awesome 1,000 feet high flight will be guaranteed to “get you high”!

Duration: 30 minutes
Tour Company: Heli Charters
Price – Starting from $247.00 per person
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Green Helicopter Tours will make this tour more eco-friendly by offsetting the fuel use by these tours at no cost to you. Enjoy your eco vacation!