Wellington Deluxe Middle Earth Filming Locations Lord of the Rings Trilogy Helicopter Tour

Wellington Deluxe Middle Earth Filming Locations Lord of the Rings Trilogy Helicopter Tour

Capital of Middle Earth

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand is also the capital of Middle Earth. You have seen the magnificent Lord of the Rings Trilogy, now come along and experience the real Middle Earth. The ultimate way to see the remote filming location is by helicopter! It will add even more exhilaration to your day as you are flown over the amazing limestone formations that formed the Dimholt Road.

Lord of the Rings locations helicopter tour

Your Lord of the Rings tour includes a helicopter trip to a winery where you will enjoy a scrumptious lunch by the vines before being whisked away to one of the filming sites for Lothlorien, the white bridge is located here and offers great photo opportunities as well as Beside the Gladden Fields where Seagol fought with Deagol. Both locations are situated at the elegant and beautiful Fernside Lodge in the Wairarapa. The deluxe tour has exclusive access to these sites and you will be served a gourmet picnic at the White Bridge of Lothlorien – one of the few remaining structures used in the filming.

Continuel by road and visit the filming locations for Rivendell where Frodo recovered from his knife attack; the Anduin River where Aragorn was washed ashore after the attack of the Wargs; the Gardens of Isengard, the site of the Orcs Felling the Trees and where Gandalf rode to see Saruman; go to the Mount Victoria lookout and Hobbiton Woods where you can race to the Ferry and get off the Road; Buckland Forest where the Hobbits hid from the Nazgul/Black Riders and where they found the mushrooms on the Road; Dunharrow Rohirrim encampment; visit the quarry for the filming of Helms Deep the fortified ravine in Rohan and Minas Tirith; the location of Bree.

The last stop on this tour is at Miramar, the production central and the home of Peter Jackson and many of the cast and crew. The tour includes your journey back to your Wellington city hotel.

Duration: 8 hours
Tour Company: Flat Earth New Zealand Experiences
Price – Starting from $643.06 per person
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Green Helicopter Tours will make this tour more eco-friendly by offsetting the fuel use by these tours at no cost to you. Enjoy your eco vacation!