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St Johns Helicopter Tours

These tours operators are making great efforts to help preserve the environment. Green Helicopter Tours will make this tour more eco friendly by offsetting the fuel use by these tours at no cost to you. Enjoy your eco ride!

Antigua Helicopter Tour, St Johns, Antigua and Barbuda, Caribbean, Antigua Helicopter Tour

Helicopter tours offer a variety of truly amazing panoramic delights, priceless memories and photographic opportunities for both around the island tours and Montserrat volcano tour. Flights can be arranged for a 45 minute Montserrat Volcano Tour, or a  20 or 30 minute Antigua Island Tour.

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Antigua's tourist office boasts that the island has 365 beaches, 'one for each day of the year'. It has great reefs and wrecks for diving and snorkelling. On neighboring Barbuda you can track the island's fabled frigate birds and visit the Caribbean's largest rookery.

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