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Gran Canaria Helicopter Tours

These tours operators are making great efforts to help preserve the environment. Green Helicopter Tours will make this tour more eco friendly by offsetting the fuel use by these tours at no cost to you. Enjoy your eco ride!

Gran Canaria Island Helicopter Ride, Gran Canaria, Europe, Gran Canaria Island Helicopter Ride
Take to the air for a unique perspective of Gran Canaria as you get a birds eye view of the island from a helicopter. You will be collected from your Gran Canaria hotel and transferred to Gando Airport on the east side of the island for your flight. You can take a 20 or 30 minute flight.

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The Canariones, as the islanders tend to refer to themselves, like to think of Gran Canaria as a 'continent in miniature.' You'll come across this phrase with great regularity on your visit here, due to the startling range of terrain - from the fertile north to the arid interior and desert south - which largely justifies the claim. The island is the third largest of the archipelago but accounts for almost half the population.

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